Echo Mountain was a challenging course to say the least. 6 rails and 6 jumps all with blazing speed made riders strategize the best way to navigate the course and show off their Slopestyle skills.

Dave Sansone hitting the last feature on the course, a big booter, with speed and amplitude. 2 years off the scene didn't stop Dave from charging super hard and taking 3rd place in Men's Pro.

Riders meeting at mid-course getting the low-down on what's to follow.

Matt Silva board sliding the rainbow rail. Matt took 1st in Men's Open. This guy is a rail slayer.

Leon Robbins with impeccable style hitting the last jump with an Indy Poke. Leon was in the running but the course got the best of him and he fell out of the top three. Not something he's used to.

Tyler Mork speed checking through the middle of the course. Riders had to seriously check their speed at this point so as to not hit the following rail section with too much speed.

Brandon Johanns 50-50ing the kink rail. Brandon took 2nd place in Men's Open.

Mason Moore (Utah) pulling a nice backflip grab on the last jump. Mason took 3rd place in Men's Open.

Sansone with a nice 5-0 to tail tap out. With plenty of speed I might add.


1. Luke Hansen (CO)
2. Eugene Smith (CO)
3. Tyler Sciatti

1. Joseph Ponce De Leon (NM)
2. Bill Miller (CO)
3. Phil (Altitude Sickness)

1. Carolyn Kunkel (NY)
2. Melissa Becker (NM)
3. Amanda (Dirty Blonde)

1. Matthew Silva (CO)
2. Brandon Johannes (CO)
3. Mason Moore

Pro Men
1. Baron Frierson (NC)
2. AJ Lawson (WV)
3. Dave Sansone

AJ Lawson (WV) enjoying the spoils of 2nd Place in Men's Pro.

Leon Robbins upset about the gash on his arm and his reults.

Are these guys brothers? Perhaps seperated at birth. Brandon Johanns and Tyler Mork mug it up for the camera.

Event organizer Tiffany Ecker and new friend Luke Hansen. Luke took 1st place in the Junior category.

"One Five" crew members being their normal sub-normal selves.

Sansone looking happy to be back on dirt. Yes, this is his happy face.

Baron Frierson (NC), 1st Place Men's Pro feeling how heavy his new gold medal is. Baron was incredibly smooth throughout the day.


A big thanks goes out to the event organizers, Echo Mountain and all the riders who came from far and wide to throw down in the dirt!


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